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Please read the following policy to help the guest house to use it!

Check-in: Only pre-registered guests can receive the guest house.

Parking: In the yard, up to 5 cars .

The building and gardens close: night departure, and ask the gates locked and the key building entrances! Please be careful with their keys!

Smoking: No smoking in the building!

Use fixtures: Please use the proper fixtures! The indoor furnishings (bed, bedding, mattresses, tables, chairs, etc) please do not bring out into the garden.

Cleaning: The guests stayed over themselves to ensure cleanliness. Once a week, the host pulls a clean bed linen and towels used to replace them. We ask our guests to maintain the cleanliness of the guest house of shoes use a converter.

Heating: The house is equipped with central heating. As an alternative heating stove in the living room in winter - summer guests disposal. Never leave the fire unattended until you open the oven door! The disposal of materials other than firewood and paper for example. Incineration of the plastic tile is forbidden.

Bonfires. Barbecue: fires, kettle out, grill, etc.. the designated fire ring at all times be in compliance with fire safety rules!

The house is primarily for active recreation and / or a relaxed holiday for families, couples, sports-loving friends try to satisfy needs. A noisy, smoky fun seekers are not suitable for serving.

The guest house is the improper use or damages resulting from violation of this policy are liable for the guests. The guests of the host's assets does not take responsibility!

As every household, a guest house also possible that some of the guests is destroyed through no fault, fails. If any anomalies are found, to avoid any serious damage to the owner as soon as possible please indicate.

We are not responsible for errors of translation. If you have questions, please contact us. Thank you.








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